Pheromone is a smart and flexible data aggregation platform that collects the information you need in a quick and affordable way.

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The amount of data created annually will reach 180 zettabytes by 2025, up from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013. A zettabyte is approximately equal to a billion terabytes; this amount of data isn’t merely ‘big’, it is colossal. Businesses need to find efficient ways of managing big Data and insuring that it is usable and understandable. Our flexible and affordable aggregation platform provides them with precisely the data they need, when they need it to create insights and drive growth.

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We aim to make data aggregation accessible and understandable for everyone.



The formation of a number of things into a cluster.

Small and medium businesses lack an easy way to access data and make sense of it in order to drive smarter business decisions.

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Collect data from multiple key industry specific sources into one location

Organise, filter and observe

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Use graphics and visualisation tools to understand and Position yourself within the market

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Make informed decisions.

Pheromone is a simple platform which aggregates essential industry information into one location, creating clarity, efficiency and insights for business development.

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The Founders


He is the CEO at Pheromone.


Omid Kamvari


Omid is the perfect mix of creative and geek, he is a visionary and has an astute business mind.

Omid is an award winning chartered Architect and graduated from the prestigious Architectural Association in London, specialising in Emergent Technologies and Design. He has a wealth of experience working on large scale projects across the world.

Aidin Firouzabady


Aidin is a data specialist and talented coder, he is a hackethon champion.

Aidin gets excited about multi threaded federated search platforms simultaneously searching multiple sources. He is a bit of specialist in extracting data to create useful content for multiple platforms and sectors.

He is the CTO at Pheromone.



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